IMEX lays stress on quality
IMEX lays stress on quality

Advanced manufacturing techniques, leading technology and strict working attitudes are the foundations for the perfection of IMEX Sanitaryware.

IMEX is committed to energy saving, reliability, stability and homogeneity on its products. By implementing inspection standards more strictly than that of CUPC in the United States and DIN in Germany. It has successfully gained several international quality certifications such as ISO9001 quality management system certification, CE, and WATER MARK, etc. and water saving authentication of China Quality Certification Center.

IMEX lays stress on service

With excellent product style, stable product quality, remarkable product value and superb advanced manufacturing IMEX sanitaryware always meets the high class demands of customers all over the world in the field of kitchen and bathroom industry.

By adopting the world first-class high pressure molding equipment, the comprehensive production efficiency has been increased 4 fold; By utilizing digital control tunnel kilns, the firing temperature is strictly controlled over 1200 degrees, which ensures the water absorption rate of each product is below 0.2%; The inspection of the toilet pan is thorough. Each toilet is not only being tested on appearance, fixing, flushing and PP/PE sewage function, but also has to pass the rigorous air leak test.

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